Year 6 – Week 3

Back to SAT’s.

This week, all of Year 6 sat their English SAT test for the term. This time, all the classes were spilt into groups, and the test taken in the exact way they will be in May, rather than in whole classes. Maths was the focus of the week, and next week it will change to English. There were plenty of smiles as the marks are getting higher, and children seeing the amazing progress they have been making since September when they sat down nervously for their first attempt. Some of the children even said they enjoyed the tests!

The Year 6 footballers were out again, and after a great win in the first game, came up against old enemies in the next, which resulted in their heaviest defeat to date. However, using our knowledge of growth mindset, the boys took the positives from the game, and know how to improve in the future.

The achievement awards went to:

6HM – Harris Barber – for excellent progress in writing.

6GD – Tillie Murray – for fantastic participation and contributing well in all lessons.

6KH – Jack Thompson – for a fantastic attitude and effort all week.

Well done to these three, and keep up all the hard work!

Mrs. Hunter


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