Best of the Bunch – by Freddie Barnes (6KH)

Bananagrams was something new, introduced by Mrs Hunter to the year 6 children after Christmas. It is a word game where you get 21 tiles and have to make words out of them (a bit like Scrabble).However, you make a web of letters on your own, trying to get rid of all your tiles before anyone else. You can ‘dump’ or ‘peel’ until all the ‘bunch’ are used up. Then, once you are finished, you shout ‘bananas’. The other players check your words to make sure they are spelled correctly and not proper nouns (they are banned). If you got anything wrong, you are a ‘rotten banana’ and disqualified.

For me, Bananagrams was really fun to do because it created some competition in year 6. We started with games of 4 people. The winner went into the next round and the losers got a second chance. Then the winners moved on to the second round, where they again played against 3 other people. The 4 winners from this round went into the semi-finals. I played Leah, and it was really close. In the final, I played Emily. Again it was really close. I won by one letter! I am now going to take part in the online round, against children from schools all over the country. Wish me luck!



Bananagrams – By Amelia Young (6KH)

Bananagrams is a challenging game and it helps you with spelling words correctly. The game was really exciting and competitive. You need to think and move quickly as well as thinking about what your opponents are doing. I won my first and second games against 4 people but came up against Emily in the semi-final. I only just lost, and was really pleased with how I played in the tournament.

My tip: always use your hard letters first and don’t dump!

World Book Day

So, World Book Day was on Thursday – and what a fantastic day it was! So many children (and teachers!) dressed up as their favourite characters from books, including ‘The Boy In The Dress’, ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Cat In The Hat’! The children also enjoyed spending parts of the day reading their own books during ‘DROP AND READ’ time.

Hopefully, you have all received the letter about the sponsored read, which will help the school buy a range of new and fantastic books for the library. The company organising the read-a-thon, has promised to increase all money raised by 60%, which is a brilliant offer! The deadline for sponsorship money is 17th March.

Happy Reading!

Back to school for Spring 2

So, the half term went by in a flash! Everyone seems to have come back full of energy and raring to go. I have a new saying this week, which the children all seem to be taking on board as we move ever closer to the SAT week:

If you are NOT WILLING to learn,

No-one can help you.

If your are DETERMINED to learn,

No-one can stop you.

Hopefully this will help everyone to understand that together, we can do anything if we truly set our mind on the task.

This term, we are looking at electricity in science, and designing super-cars in DT. This led us to look at a group of subjects called STEM subjects.  This stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We looked at how many jobs of the future are classed as STEM jobs, and the number was quite overwhelming. Most of 6KH think they may go into one of these industries when they are older, and are excited about the prospect of becoming: doctors; app designers; electricians; teachers; football agents – the list is endless!

Currently, we are all reading ‘The Giant’s Necklace’ and looking at the amazing language used in the piece. Many of the children have been working on ‘show-not-tell’, which encourages the writer to describe a scene without saying exactly what is happening. This helps the reader to create a mental picture, and infer their own meaning.

Another fantastic week of learning is ahead – have a good rest over the weekend to prepare!

Final week of Spring 1

The final week of the half term and it has flown by! We have had such an exciting week with visitors to top it off.

Monday and Tuesday, we completed our Maths unit on Fractions and the children have made such good progress, it is great to see. We will be going back to normal classes after half term when we will begin the topic Time.

In English, we have been planning and writing original stories for the 500 words competition hosted by Chris Evans and BBC2. There have been some very interesting topics and ideas and I will be submitting them over our half term break – fingers crossed we will have a winner at Barnes Junior School – wouldn’t that be exciting!

On Wednesday, Liz visited us again to participate in some skipping with the lucky 30 children that have been selected for our skipping team. We started choreographing our skip dance and need to practice, practice, practice for the competition in April. The children are beginning to come along and we have some superstar skippers in the team!

On Thursday, we received 3 Viking visitors who taught us some things we didn’t already know about the Vikings. (I didn’t think that was possible!) We got to try a range of foods that they would have eaten (including some very smelly fish), look at some weapons and play some interesting Viking games – to which some of 4AB got quite competitive!

Finally, we ended the week with a brilliant celebration assembly followed by some preparation for our museum.

Our achievers in Year 4 this week are:

Aaron (4AB) for his enthusiasm during our visitors and great participation in Topic lessons.

Umaizah (4RB) for a positive attitude and always working hard.

Lexie (4RC) for her amazing riddle solving skills.

Thank you to everyone that came along to the museum, it was a blast and everyone in year 4 was proud to show off their hard work. We had lots of handmade artefacts, non-chronological reports, villages, ships and Kenning poems.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and comes back to school ready to learn! See you in a week.

Penultimate week

Sorry it has been so long since year 4 have posted, this half term is flying over.
Quick update:

We have received more letters and artefacts from the BBC and are getting ready for the museum on Friday – we have created clay jewellery from the Viking era, boats, villages and produced lots of brilliant pieces of writing.

In English, we have been writing non-chronological reports all about the Vikings. the children have produced some fantastic work and I can’t wait for parents and visitors to get a chance to read these. We were looking at poetry this week in the form of a Kenning poem which is a little like a riddle but only using two words per line to describe something.

See if you can take a guess what this one, written by Damon is describing:




Yes – that’s right. It’s an axe! Some fantastic language choices and that it one of many we have ready for our museum.

Our achievement certificate this week in 4AB went to Ebon Howarth for working very hard in both Maths and English – well done and keep up the hard work.

Year 6 – Week 4

The term is flying by, and another week is finished! This week, the Year 6 children were all hard at finishing their SAT tests, with the English tests taking up their time and effort. It seems that the hard work is really paying off, as even more children are already passing all the tests – and they haven’t finished being taught the curriculum yet! Fantastic effort everyone.

We are beginning to look towards the end of term museum, where we will all be able to display some of our work on Victorian life and specifically the Victoria Hall Disaster. All the classes are becoming reporters to deliver the dramatic testimonies!

The first round of Bananagrams is almost complete, and everyone is looking forward to the last 16 matches. Who will make it to the final, and be the first Barnes Champion?

The achievement awards this week went to

6HM – Arifa Ahmed – for working really hard in class and trying her best.

6GD – Jenny Black – for hard work and excellent progress in all areas.

6KH – Ava Pearson – for her positive attitude and hard work at all times.

A special well done to Jenny, who also received her pen license this week!