As part of a national competition, 39 members of Year 6 have volunteered to take part in ‘Bananagrams’. This is a really fun, easy spelling game (a bit like scrabble but without a board) where you make your own word grid using  little letter tiles.

The winner is the first person to use all of their letter tiles, once the ‘bunch’ has been used up. There are chances to ‘peel’ and ‘split’, before everyone goes ‘bananas’ and we see if there is a winner (top banana) or a rotten banana in the group!

Over the next few weeks, the 39 will be whittled down to the final 8, who will play head to head until the school winner is announced.  This person will then go up against winners from other schools in a web based competition. The top prize for the national winner is £1000 for their school, a trophy, and the title of Top Banana of the Year!

Good luck to all those taking part, and make sure you don’t become a rotten banana!

Mrs. Hunterbananagrams


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