Best of the Bunch – by Freddie Barnes (6KH)

Bananagrams was something new, introduced by Mrs Hunter to the year 6 children after Christmas. It is a word game where you get 21 tiles and have to make words out of them (a bit like Scrabble).However, you make a web of letters on your own, trying to get rid of all your tiles before anyone else. You can ‘dump’ or ‘peel’ until all the ‘bunch’ are used up. Then, once you are finished, you shout ‘bananas’. The other players check your words to make sure they are spelled correctly and not proper nouns (they are banned). If you got anything wrong, you are a ‘rotten banana’ and disqualified.

For me, Bananagrams was really fun to do because it created some competition in year 6. We started with games of 4 people. The winner went into the next round and the losers got a second chance. Then the winners moved on to the second round, where they again played against 3 other people. The 4 winners from this round went into the semi-finals. I played Leah, and it was really close. In the final, I played Emily. Again it was really close. I won by one letter! I am now going to take part in the online round, against children from schools all over the country. Wish me luck!



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