Final week of Spring 1

The final week of the half term and it has flown by! We have had such an exciting week with visitors to top it off.

Monday and Tuesday, we completed our Maths unit on Fractions and the children have made such good progress, it is great to see. We will be going back to normal classes after half term when we will begin the topic Time.

In English, we have been planning and writing original stories for the 500 words competition hosted by Chris Evans and BBC2. There have been some very interesting topics and ideas and I will be submitting them over our half term break – fingers crossed we will have a winner at Barnes Junior School – wouldn’t that be exciting!

On Wednesday, Liz visited us again to participate in some skipping with the lucky 30 children that have been selected for our skipping team. We started choreographing our skip dance and need to practice, practice, practice for the competition in April. The children are beginning to come along and we have some superstar skippers in the team!

On Thursday, we received 3 Viking visitors who taught us some things we didn’t already know about the Vikings. (I didn’t think that was possible!) We got to try a range of foods that they would have eaten (including some very smelly fish), look at some weapons and play some interesting Viking games – to which some of 4AB got quite competitive!

Finally, we ended the week with a brilliant celebration assembly followed by some preparation for our museum.

Our achievers in Year 4 this week are:

Aaron (4AB) for his enthusiasm during our visitors and great participation in Topic lessons.

Umaizah (4RB) for a positive attitude and always working hard.

Lexie (4RC) for her amazing riddle solving skills.

Thank you to everyone that came along to the museum, it was a blast and everyone in year 4 was proud to show off their hard work. We had lots of handmade artefacts, non-chronological reports, villages, ships and Kenning poems.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and comes back to school ready to learn! See you in a week.


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