Penultimate week

Sorry it has been so long since year 4 have posted, this half term is flying over.
Quick update:

We have received more letters and artefacts from the BBC and are getting ready for the museum on Friday – we have created clay jewellery from the Viking era, boats, villages and produced lots of brilliant pieces of writing.

In English, we have been writing non-chronological reports all about the Vikings. the children have produced some fantastic work and I can’t wait for parents and visitors to get a chance to read these. We were looking at poetry this week in the form of a Kenning poem which is a little like a riddle but only using two words per line to describe something.

See if you can take a guess what this one, written by Damon is describing:




Yes – that’s right. It’s an axe! Some fantastic language choices and that it one of many we have ready for our museum.

Our achievement certificate this week in 4AB went to Ebon Howarth for working very hard in both Maths and English – well done and keep up the hard work.


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