Year 6 – Trip to the Winter Gardens

In our topic work this term, we are looking into the disaster at the Victoria Hall. We have been amazed and appalled by the size of the disaster, and begun to link together the clues from our suitcase. However, Mrs March, Miss Dobson and Mrs Hunter thought we could benefit from a look at some more evidence from the time, and where better to go than to the Winter Gardens?

We began our ‘long’ walk down to the museum on Friday morning, all eager to keep moving and warm. Some fabulous parents, grandparents and guardians came with us, and we were soon inside a huge room, waiting to see what the day had in store for us. The three classes each had a time slot with an expert from the museum, to investigate the disaster further.

6GD were first, and during this time, the other classes were able to explore the rest of the exhibits, from dinosaurs and wild animals to glass and ship building.  These displays will really help us with the rest of our topic work this term.

6KH followed and then 6HM after lunch, before everyone went into Mowbray Park to have a look at the memorial statue. Sadly, it had been vandalised, and the glass windows smashed. This has led to a slight change of focus in our lessons to discuss anti-social behaviour; what is it and why do people commit these crimes?

The only thing left to do was a quick visit to the gift shop, and the walk back up to school. Everyone enjoyed the day, and are excited about putting their new knowledge into their lessons in the next few weeks.

Mrs. Hunter


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