Spring Week 2

After a fun filled week back we have continued the learning and the fun in 4AB. Exciting news in Topic – we have been introduced to our new theme which is ‘History Mystery in a Suitcase’ and we have had a personal letter from the BBC asking for our help. Turns out they have heard how good we are at researching from our Anglo-Saxon visitors. The whole year group are so excited to help them and create a museum at the end of it!

We received an artefact which we have since discovered is a brooch of the famous Norse God, Odin. We have researched and written a letter back – let’s hope they reply soon.

We have been looking at Fractions in Maths, we are getting very good at these and are working through some tricky reasoning and problem solving questions.

In English we have written our very own story – the challenge is to make the reader feel dislike for the character which hasn’t been too difficult as we had a good model from the text we have been reading.

Headteacher certificate this week was awarded to Ade, for his fantastic knowledge about Viking Gods – a shame he wasn’t there to receive it but we will make sure it is passed on.

Another great attendance week in 4AB, getting 100%, that’s the 7th time we have had the honour – keep it up!

Check back next week for an update and pictures of what we have been up to.

Miss Baker 🙂


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